Logging activities

You can use Bushel Farm on the web and the mobile app to individually log activities on your fields or log multiple activities at a time.


To log activities: 

  1. In the menu, click Activities.
  2. Click Log Activity.
  3. Select the Type of activity.
  4. Select one or multiple Field Crops. You can filter the list by typing a field name in the search bar. You can select multiple field crops before clicking Close to exit the dropdown menu.
  5. Confirm the Status and Date Completed or Target Date is accurate. 
  6. You have the option to:
    • Edit the area of the activity.
    • Add inputs.
    • Edit the application area of each input. This option will not be available when multiple field crops are selected.
    • Select who completed the activity or who it is assigned to. To add additional users to your account, follow these steps.
    • Select the equipment and implements used.
    • Add notes. 
    • Attach files.
  7. When activity details are complete, click Log Activity.

Note: Activities is included in the Bushel Farm Essentials and Business plans. Learn more about our plans and pricing here.

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