Understanding the "List View" of the Contracts feature

After you’ve automated the entry of your contracts with buyers in the Bushel Network and/or manually entered contracts with other buyers, you will see a list of contracts in the Contracts feature.

You can view the details of each contract by clicking on the small downward-pointing arrow to the left of each contract. 


Contracts List View_2024-02-22.png

Display Order. The default view is to display contracts with the future-most delivery dates first and then list the rest in descending order by delivery date. You can click on the little up/down arrows next to the Buyer, Commodity, and Delivery columns to sort by those column headers. There’s also a Filters button above the list that you can use to further hone in on what you would like to see.

Automated Entry vs. Other Contracts. Automated-entry contracts from Cargill and other buyers in the Bushel Network are denoted by the small yellow Bushel icon next to the commodity name. Contracts that you enter manually won’t have that icon.

Green Highlighted Pricing. If the contract pricing is shown in green, the contract is final-priced. The value shown is the final price of the contract. Additional pricing information is available in the contract details, accessible by clicking the small down arrow to the left of each contract in the list.

Yellow Highlighted Pricing. If the contract pricing is shown in yellow, the contract pricing is in-progress (not yet final-priced). The pricing value shown is an estimate of what the final price would be if the contract was final-priced based on the current market price. The calculation of the in-progress pricing takes into account any pricing that has been established (futures, basis, and/or cash price). If futures and/or basis haven’t been established for some or all of the contracted quantity, the current futures market price and/or estimated basis will be used in the calculation. Note that the nearby futures month will be used for old crop contracts and the harvest futures month will be used for new crop contracts. 


Click here to learn more about the "Details View" of a contract in the Contracts feature.

Note: The Contracts feature is available to users of the Lite, Essentials, and Business plan. Compare plans here.

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