Exporting field boundaries from John Deere to import into Bushel Farm

To expedite adding fields to Bushel Farm you can upload shapefiles to map the field boundaries. If you would like to use field boundaries that are already mapped in John Deere Operations Center, use these steps:

  1. Log in to MyJohnDeere
  2. Click on the Setup dropdown menu
  3. Click on Land
  4. Click on Boundaries
  5. Select individual field boundaries or click the top check box to select all
  6. Click the Export icon
  7. Select the Shapefile icon
  8. Click Export Boundaries
  9. Click Export Land Data
  10. Click Go to Files
  11. Select the new Export
  12. Click Download
  13. Select Desktop or Device
  14. In Bushel Farm, continue to follow these steps to import the boundaries


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