Understanding the crop position progress bar



Your marketed crop bushels are represented on a progress bar and categorized as either sold, hedged, or unprotected.

  • Sold = bushels committed for physical delivery to a buyer with or without a final price set.
  • Hedged = bushels with limited market price risk through the use of risk management products (certain futures and options contracts).
  • Unprotected = unsold bushels without any price protection. The value of this position will go up and down with the market.
  • Total production = total projected bushels for a crop.

Here's how the different types of contracts affect each category:

  • Cash contracts will count as sold, even if you have left the futures or basis price open, because you have committed to the physical sale of those bushels
  • Long puts and short futures contracts will count as hedged, as these types of contracts limit downside risk for the price of your bushels.
  • Long calls, short calls, short puts, and long futures will all have a neutral effect on your hedged position (i.e. no impact), as none of these contracts lock in a minimum price for your crop.

Note: Marketing is included in the FarmLogs Business plan. Learn more about our plans and pricing here.

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