Understanding the Crop details calculations

Total production:
This is the total projected bushels for a crop. The number is based on the average yield multiplied by the total planted acres from the crop details section.


Crop value
Crop value is the average per bushel value of a crop’s total production. This is the value you can assign to your crop given all past sales, financial transactions, and the current market value. This number is calculated by adding your total sold revenue, gain/loss from the financial markets, and the projected profit on your unsold grain.

Note: Unsold grain profit is calculated at the current market price - projected basis.

{Sold revenue + financial gain/loss +[cash price* (unprotected bu + hedged bu)] } / total produced bu

Marketed profit or loss
The current profit or loss (per acre) on your sold and hedged crop. It includes all sales, the current market value of any financial positions, and the market value of all hedged grain. It does not include a value for unprotected bushels.

Average marketed price
The total value (per bu) of all sold or hedged crop. It applies profit/loss of financial positions and the current market value (cash price) for all hedged bu. This number only includes marketed bushels and does not include a value for unprotected bu.



Crop Details
Crop details are the values that you assigned to a crop when you added to Marketing.


Cost of production
The value that you entered for your per acre cost of production.

Insurance level
The value that you entered for your percentage of total production covered by crop insurance.

The value that you entered for your total number of planted acres for the crop.

Average yield
The value that you entered for your estimated average yield for the crop.

Estimated basis
The value that you entered for your estimated basis at the time of sale.



This category includes all physical sales that have been entered as physical contracts.


Total revenue booked
Total revenue of physical grain sales.

Profit or loss from sales
The amount per acre above or below the cost of production for existing sales.

[(Sold revenue / Sold bu) * avg yield] - per acre cost of production

Average price sold
This is the weighted average price achieved for existing sales. It does not include anything from the financial markets, or any mark-to market pricing.

Sold revenue / total bu sold



This category focuses on all transactions in the financial grain markets.


Percentage of total bushels hedged
This percentage includes short futures and long put hedge contracts. These two contract types provide market downside protection on your existing bushels.

Note: Buying or selling a call or buying a put has no impact on hedged bu.

Average price floor
Weighted average of the strike price and futures price for hedged positions only. This does not consider any positions not included in hedged bu.

Financial gain or loss
This value includes the gain or loss from all positions in the financial markets, regardless of whether the position increases your hedged bu value. We use the mark-to-market value of any open positions, and the total gain or loss from any closed positions.

Note: A negative value here is often correlated to an increase in value in the cash market. Check your total crop value in the Total Production section to see these numbers combined.

[Mark-to-market gain or loss for open] + [difference in premium and settlement price for closed]

Premium = The amount paid or received to open the option position.

Settlement price = The amount paid or received to close the position.



Percentage of bushels that are unprotected against financial downside.


Total cash value
This is the total estimated current cash value for your unprotected crop.

Potential profit or loss
This is the profit or loss you could expect to make per/ac if you sold all of your unprotected grain.

Potential profit/loss = total cash value per acre - cost of production

Estimated cash price
This is the per/bu estimated current cash value for your unprotected crop.


Note: Marketing is included in the Bushel Farm Business plan. Learn more about our plans and pricing here.

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