Understanding the Marketing "View Details" calculations for each marketing crop

Marketing is included in the Bushel Farm Business plan. Learn more about our plans and pricing here.


When you click "View Details" from a marketing crop "card" on the first Marketing Overview screen, you will see details for that marketing crop like what is shown below.

Marketing View Details_February 2024.png


Priced - Percent and bushels of total production sold and final priced.

Marketing Details_Price

  • Total revenue booked. The sum value of all final-priced contracts for all marketing crops in the selected crop year.
  • Profit from sales. Profit or loss of final-priced grain sales based on cost of production. This is calculated as follows: Total Booked Revenue/Acre - Cost of Production/Acre = Profit From Sales
  • Average price sold. This is the weighted average price of all bushels that have been final priced. It is calculated as follows: Add together all final-priced contract values (each contract cash price multiplied by the contract’s bushel quantity) and divide by the total number of final-priced contracted bushels.


Hedged - Value of futures and options positions

Marketing Details_Hedged.png

  • Average price floor. Weighted average of the strike price and futures price for hedged positions only. This does not consider any positions not included in hedged bushels.
  • Financial loss/gain. This value includes the gain or loss from all positions in the financial markets, regardless of whether the position increases your hedged bushels’ value. We use the mark-to-market value of any open positions and the total gain or loss from any closed positions.
    • Note: A negative value here is often correlated to an increase in value in the cash market. Check your total crop value in the Total Production section to see these numbers combined.
    • Calculation: (Mark-to-market gain or loss for open) + (difference in premium and settlement price for closed)
    • Premium = The amount paid or received to open the option position.
    • Settlement price = The amount paid or received to close the position.


Unprotected - Value of bushels that do not have a final cash price and are unprotected against financial downside

Marketing Details_Unprotected

  • Total cash value. Value of unsold and not final-priced bushels valued at the nearby futures market price for old crop and the harvest futures month for new crop.
  • Potential profit. The profit or loss you could expect to make per acre if you sold all of your unprotected crop at the estimated cash price. The calculation for potential profit/loss is: total cash value per acre - cost of production.
  • Estimated cash price. This is the per bushel value of unsold and not final-priced bushels (your unprotected bushels). The calculation for estimated cash price is as follows: futures price (for old crop - current month; for new crop - harvest month) + estimated basis = estimated cash price.


Total Production - Acres multiplied by yield

Marketing Details_Total Production.png

  • Crop value (sold + unsold). The estimated price you could achieve for your entire crop if you sold the remainder today.
  • Marketed profit. Calculated by subtracting the cost of production from the crop value.
  • Average marketed price. The current average price of sold/hedged/unsold bushels.


Production Details

Marketing Details_Production Details.png

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