How to use the Work Orders feature

The Work Orders feature is designed to assign work to your team members added as users on your Bushel Farm account. When you assign a Work Order to a user on your account, they will receive an email with a link to view the list of Activities assigned to them. 

To assign work, the person will need to be a user on your account. Please refer to this article for steps on how to add people to your account.

To assign a Work Order using:

  1. In the menu, click Activities.
  2. Click Assign work. If you're on a device with a smaller screen, you may have to tap the down arrow next to Log activity to view Assign work.
  3. Select an Activity Type, Field crop, Target date, and person from the Assigned to menu.
    • Note: when you select an activity type that includes Inputs, such as Planting, the Inputs button will appear for you to add specific Inputs needed for this work order.
  4. Once all the work order details are correct, click either Assign & notify or Assign, depending on what action you'd like to take:
    • Assign & notify will populate a window for you to include an optional note to the assignee, then the assignee will receive an email notification about the new work order.
    • Assign will add the work order to the assignee's dashboard or activity list, but will not notify them.
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