Compatible file types

Here's a list of the yield file formats that we can import:



  • Voyager 1 Legacy case monitors (.yld)
  • Voyager 2 Pro600/700 (.vyg)

John Deere

  • GS1 (.gsd, .gsy)
  • GS2 1800 & 2600 (global.ver or export to .shp)
  • GS3 2630 (global.ver or export to .shp)
  • APEX Cotton yield export (.shp)
  • APEX grain yield export (.shp)

Precision Planting

  • Harvesting and Planting (.dat)


  • FMD (.shp)
  • FMX (.isoxml)


  • Ag Leader yield file (.yld)
  • Ag Leader Integra/InSight/Edge Log (.ilf)
  • Ag Leader Integra/Versa/Compass/InCommand (.agdata)

There are some field computers not listed above that use the same compatible file formats. If this applies to your field computer, you should be able to import your yield files, as well. Additionally, if there are file formats you would like us to be able to import, please let us know by emailing!

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